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Welcome to Kate Metten's Ceramic Atelier. Discover the allure of her handcrafted ceramics, blending tradition with contemporary flair. Metten's tableware is strongly influenced by minimalist, West Coast Modernist approaches to natural materials, simplistic Bauhaus design, striving to preserve movement in the thrown form — where each piece tells a story of passion and creativity.

Beautiful to look at, satisfying to hold, and very proudly made

in East Vancouver. All tableware is wheel-thrown by Kate Metten using local clays and her own palette of glazes. 



Kate Metten Ceramics was a recipient of the Applied Art + Design (AAD) award program which recognizes excellence amongst artists who, through their creativity, contribute to the cultural economy of the province. Kate is the third recipient of the Judson Beaumont Emerging Artist designation, named in honour of the late BC-based furniture designer.


Recent exhibitions include Apparition Room, 50th Anniversary Exhibition Western Front; We Do Not Work Alone, Nanaimo Art Gallery; Atmospheric River, Wil Aballe Art Projects; The Thinking Eye, Burrard Arts Foundation

House Of COCO 

Kate Metten Speaks: Dive into the World of Her Ceramic Atelier, Where Every Piece Tells a Story

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Kate Metten, the visionary artist behind a world of captivating ceramics. In this intimate conversation, we delve into the heart of Kate’s creative journey, exploring the fusion of tradition and contemporary flair that defines her renowned ceramic atelier.

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